Miguel Jaubert

FYC 14 Días

for your consideration FYC LATIN GRAMMY Awards Category Best Long Form Music Video new Release 14 días AUDIOVISUAL Music: Miguel Jaubert Video: Rodrigo Cornejo 14 días AUDIOVISUAL Music: Miguel Jaubert Video: Rodrigo Cornejo Fruto de la pandemia y como respuesta artística a las restricciones a las que tuvimos que someternos como consecuencia del COVID, nació … Leer más


new Release cH Rn bYL EXCLUSION AUDIOVISUAL Music: Miguel Jaubert Video: Rodrigo Cornejo CHERNOBYL, one of the largest environmental disasters of humanity, and epicenter in February 2022, again human folly. Always «us against us» This audiovisual is a claim in multiple directions about our ephemeral consciousness and the irresponsibility of our universal existence.CHERNOBYL, uno de … Leer más


for your consideration FYC GRAMMY AWARDS® Category Music Film MIGUEL JAUBERT + RODRIGO CORNEJO refraction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGpyzel3Y_Y We have experienced a change in the vision of life, with greater speed, we have less and less time to observe and as a consequence a distorted vision of nature, of the universe, of reality, of us… a refraction.We … Leer más

FYC Truthly

Together with the pianist David’s pianosound, a job done with great care and dedication. A very visual music that reaches the soul, awakens all the senses and that we want to share. We want TRUHLY to be a door to hope, joy and peace…

FYC Rhytm of Imperials

This Album presenting unique blend of many different genre’s of Ethereal Orchestration by Maestro Professor Miguel Jaubert Rius from Spain a Cello teacher and self-taught guitarist & Composer. He studied with Lluis Claret and Raphael Wallfisch. He has composed for Cinimatic Orchestration, Theaterical scores, contemporary music, alternative, jazzrock, fusion, multimedia & audiovisual…


From the Album «Mösting 3º12’S 5º12’O
Music > Miguel Jaubert + Video > Rodrigo Cornejo
Una producción de Anaga Classics, con música de Miguel Jaubert y Video de Rodrigo Cornejo. Con distribución Internacional ya obtuvo su primer reconocimiento.

HighLow – Haiku Suite

Miguel Jaubert – RAQUEL LOJENDIO HIGHLOW HAIKU SUITE Ambos artistas canarios se unen en este trabajo para hacer un recorrido por mundo físico y sonoro, creando espacios y texturas que invitan a una reflexión profunda sobre la relatividadde las dimensiones, que nosotros titulamos HIGHLOW. Nunca estuvimos lejos, nunca estuvimos cerca. Both Canarian artists come together … Leer más

Mösting 3º12’S 5º12’O

mösting3º12’S 5º12’0 SUITE FOR CELLO AND TEXTURES JAVIER MARRERO ACOSTA > Miguel Jaubert31 Ago. 2019 22:47Translate: Waldo Vinces · Victoria Martin Gilly It was not yet dawn when a strange echo reached the city. Disturbing, far away, it seemed to plunge us into the volcano. Meanwhile, a sound stillness settled on the surface. The rest … Leer más


With great enthusiasm for this new project, MÖSTING, we started rehearsals. With SISI del CASTILLO on percussion and RODRIGO CORNEJO with video creation. It will be an enriching and exciting journey.


David’s Pianosound and Miguel Jaubert it’s with great pleasure to be able to share my new song !  Piano – Cello and Orchestra (Cinematography Music) a big thank to Miguel (co-composer) for the awesome and hard job made for this unbelievable track ! *»Light Before Darkness» will be available asap on all other digital platforms … Leer más