Miguel Jaubert

reAct es una respuesta, su nombre lo dice, reacción. En nuestro caso una reacción en cadena, sin saber exactamente cual va primero, si una imagen para un sonido, o un sonido que es una imagen en si misma. reAct es un retrato, un auto-retrato, un asumir nuestra realidad. En cierto modo es «periodismo creativo» – un retrato de este nuestro momento, una sucesión de instantáneas con un sonido que nace de la música clásica y lo lleva a territorio desconocido. reAct is a response, its name says it, reaction. In our case, a chain reaction, without knowing exactly which comes first, if an image for a sound, or a sound that is an image itself. reAct is a portrait, a self-portrait, an assumption of our reality. In a way it is «creative journalism» – a portrait of this our moment, a succession of snapshots with a sound that is born from classical music and takes it into unknown territory. FYC: 66th Grammy Awards – Category: Music Film «reAct» by Miguel Jaubert (Music) & Rodrigo Cornejo (Video) Featuring Luisa Machado Alberto Méndez Cristóbal Jaubert Sissi del Castillo. También te invitamos a escuchar El álbum homónimo de Miguel Jaubert que dio origen al Music Film.

Cello player, self-taught guitarist and composer. He studied with Lluis Claret and Raphael Wallfisch. He has been a member of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and has belonged and composed for dance groups, theater, contemporary music, alternative, jazzrock, fusion, multimedia, audiovisual … He has a large number of recordings of his own songs in CDs and other formats. He is currently Vice Principal and cello teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Canarias, Tenerife and also artistic director of  the label and record platform Anaga Classics. He is a member of the group Major Tom Project, Iki-Gai Tube with Axu Peña. He is currently immersed in the projects; MÖSTING, cello, Sissi del Castillo percussion and Rodrigo Cornejo Visuals, a duo with Reaasri, singer from Malaysia and the latest project with the soprano Raquel Lojendio.

Professional Creative, Graphic Designer, Painter, Engraver, Video Maker, Communication and Internet Expert, Art Director, Digital Creator. Graduated Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the University of Chile, Alcalá de Henares University Scholarship, he studied and not finish doctoral studies at the Complutense University of Madrid. His work is developed between his artistic work and the development of design, image and communication with a special emphasis on music and cultural production.