Miguel Jaubert


InDrift is a live performance group founded by four artists with an unconventional heterogeneous mix of talents and backgrounds. Through the interaction between its members different artistic vocabularies are combined and merge into unique new expressions. InDrift is a special confluence precisely because of the baggage provided by each of its four members: Dea Woon Kang, audiovisual artist with extensive experience in lighting and video creation in avant-garde shows; Miguel Jaubert, a cellist who has developed his career in both classical and experimental music and fusion; Antonio Koppel, drummer and percussionist linked to mainstream music projects and Karen van Serai, dancer whose natural element is whirling and oriental music.

InDrift surge de un cruce de caminos creativo que ha adquirido su propia identidad. Su esencia radica en una heterogénea mezcla de talentos y trasfondos unidos por la pasión de explorar nuevos territorios. Es una propuesta que se ha ido fraguando a partir de la interacción entre sus miembros y su deseo es el de aunar espacios diferentes, de conjugar lenguajes dispares, de fusionar formas de trabajar. InDrift es una confluencia especial precisamente por el bagaje que aporta cada uno de sus cuatro miembros: Dea Woon Kang, artista audiovisual con amplia experiencia en la iluminación y la videocreación en espectáculos de vanguardia; Miguel Jaubert, chelista que ha desarrollado su carrera tanto en la música clásica como en la experimental y de fusión; Antonio Koppel, batería y percusionista ligado a proyectos de música mainstream y Karen van Serai, bailarina cuyo elemento natural es la danza del giro y la música oriental.

Karen van Serai (Whirling)

Karen van Serai has been whirling since she was a child. After coming into contact with the Sufi Whirling in 1998 she began to follow the teachings of Maryam Linders, a dervish dance teacher. Karen is Dutch but grew up between Turkey, Brazil, Belgium and Holland. As a whirling dervish she has participated in various international festivals and projects.

Miguel Jaubert (composition, arrangements and cello)

Miguel Jaubert studied cello in Tenerife, Barcelona and London. He has been a member of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and is currently professor at the Conservatorio Profesional de Tenerife and Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias. He has been a member of formations with very diverse musical styles, both as a musician as well as a composer.

Antonio Koppel (drums and percussionist)

Antonio Koppel has developed his career as a drummer and a percussionist in Spain and Germany. He studied in Barcelona at the Taller de Musics with Jorge Rossy and Ricardo Hodson. He has played in a number of bands with very diverse styles and collaborated in musical projects with Hugo Westerdahl, DJ Panko, John Ohare, Charly Daicz, Eduardo Bercedo, Mercé Ferrando and others.

Dea Woon Kang (lighting and visual)

Dea Woon Kang is a South Korean multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Tenerife. He studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Angers, France. He has dedicated himself to video-creation, drawing, sculpture and photography. At present he is devoted to the performing arts and on-site art installations.


Cosmosis is the first project of InDrift. It combines whirling, live music, poetic recitation and live visual projections. The topic is the birth and expansion of the Universe and man being in oneness with all this. The dichotomies and contrasts inherent in existence are the guiding thread on which this proposal is based. Through light and darkness, harmony and noise, movement and stillness, logos and chaos the cyclical processes that govern our life are expressed: the one who inhales, will have to exhale; What expands, will eventually contract; The divergence will transform into convergence, birth leads to death, which gives way to new life. Through the hand of various artistic languages the public is invited to immerse itself in those fundamental mysteries for which there are no answers, only questions.
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